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Vapor pressure and flash point testing
Miljøpåvirkning, måling- og fjerningsteknikker
Do you want information about Vapor Pressure testing or Flash Point testing? The seminar will cover information about analyzing Vapor Pressure and Flash Point in addition to product information and demonstration by Grabner instruments. Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. is known as one of the most innovative companies worldwide developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum testing equipment.

Please sign up before 21st of September to the most suitable seminar to get demonstration and information from the Grabner team.
Materiell Fra teknisk seminar
Stavanger fredag 17. feb. 2017
Kvikksølv i olje- og gass­produksjon
Miljøpåvirkning, måling- og fjerningsteknikker

Kvikksølv i olje- og gass­produksjon

The presentations will provide an in depth review of the sampling and analysis of gas and liquid phase samples using atomic fluorescence spectrometry for offline and online applications. The focus of the lecture will be on how to conduct the most accurate analysis on various streams during the gas and oil processing and also during petrochemical production. Examples will be provided of mercury mass balance studies and the effectiveness of mercury removal techniques. The impacts of mercury on plant operation will be explained in relation to the interpretation of Hg data generated.

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Hg i olje og gass produksjon- miljø/helse/krav:

Helserisiko og risiko ved håndtering av brukt utstyr (decommisioning). Myndighetenes forventninger til Hg utslipp og forekomst i miljø.

Eilen Arctander Vik, PhD

Presentasjon på Teknisk Seminar
Flux Group 17. februar 2017

Mercury Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Processing Industry

Dr Warren T Corns
R&D Manager
P S Analytical

Presentasjon på Teknisk Seminar
Flux Group 17. februar 2017

Mercury Removal – Oil & Gas

PURASPECJM TM Technology Solutions
Peter Martin – Technical Sales Manager
Johnson Matthey 

Presentasjon på Teknisk Seminar
Flux Group 17. februar 2017

132 – Norwegian Oil and Gas Recommended guidelines for identification, assessment, control and follow-up of mercury exposure

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