Flux Analytic and Mark Jiskoot

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August 2019
We are very pleased to welcome Mark Jiskoot as part of the Flux Analytic team.
Mark has an honours degree in mechanical engineering from Imperial College, London. During his degree he undertook research on “Jet Mixing” for oil pipelines which resulted in the development and patenting of this technology.

After graduation Mark started his career as the development engineer for Jiskoot Limited focussed on sampling technologies. In 1983 he started the USA operations for Jiskoot, returning as Technical Director in 1987 and becoming Managing Director in 1991.  His team executed a management buy-out of the business in 2004 and later the sale to, and successful integration within Cameron in 2008. Under Marks leadership the business grew close to $50M in revenue and commanding over 60% of the crude oil sampling business. He then moved into a corporate role in enabling technologies (forward horizon technologies likely to be adopted by our industry in 5-10 years), first for Cameron and then later for Schlumberger as a Technology Advisor in their Materials, Modelling and Mechanical Engineering group.   

Mark has been pivotal in the development of a number of patented technologies widely adopted within the industry, that include the three step action in-line and cell samplers, The JetMix and JetlLine pipeline mixers, sample collection receivers both low and high pressure, laboratory mixers and sample verification and control systems;  Gas, wet gas, and LNG sampling systems. He has participated actively with API, EI (formerly IP), ISO and ASTM developing standards since the early 1980’s through a number of revisions, currently involved with the API in enhancing and developing standards for sampling (8.2,8.3,8.6, 9.4, 10.10) and their equivalent ASTM variants, and is also an EI/BSI representative to ISO TC28/SC-2 for sampling.

Should you have any inquiries, Mark Jiskoot can be contacted at mark@analyticas.no or +44 7831 390623
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